This page contains a few patches for PuTTY. Several people on the net are forking PuTTY and adding various stuff. The reason this page may have its usefulness is that most people either only offer one big source patch that may also contain stuff not anyone wants in their binary, or (worse) only binaries. I am trying to keep separate patches for features. Just pick what you need, apply and compile yourself.


Storing passwords in your session configs is a stupid idea most of the time. You will want this feature on automated tasks if:

Patch: auto-password

Use MSVC RC compiler when compiling with LCC

I am using LCC since it's free. But the RC.EXE binary it is bundled with bakes invalid .RES files. So I am using the RC.EXE from Visual Studio.NET Express (also free). My installed copy expired but RC.EXE doesn't check license validity.


Wrist-friendly makefile for LCC

More misc changes people may need when compiling with LCC.

Patch: lcc-makefile


PuTTY is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham. The website is I pull from the main SVN repository from time to time at

The patches are kept in mercurial queues, which I can provide access to if asked.